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Halfway to the Middle (Dean Productions- Premire the Play '23)

Christmas Program (Harmony Delegation '22)

At Her Door (Northfield Mount Hermon '22)

Lighted Fools (Crafton Hills New Works Festival '22)

A Cupboard Full of Coffee Cups (Walking Shadow Readers Theatre '22)

SALT (The Jewish Theatre of Oklahoma '22)

Halfway to the Middle (Walking Shadow Readers Theatre '22)

Dr. Shoe (Harmony Delegation '21)

'Tis the Season: A Maples Rep Holiday Celebration (Maples Repertory Theatre '21)

A Chance of Rain (Des Moines Young Artists' Theatre '21)

Lighted Fools (Orange County International Ten-Minute Play Festival '21)

Lighted Fools (The Magnetic Theatre '21)

The Next Table (OVATE Highway 33 '21)

Exit Interview (Carrollwood Players Theatre '21)

Danny's How-To Vlog (Bishop O'Connell High School '21)

Danny’s How-To Vlog (Bergen County Academies '21)

And Maybe a River Will Come (Crafton Hills New Works Festival '21)

At Her Door (About Love- Tomo Suru Players '21)

And Maybe a River Will Come (Theatre Unmasked '21)

Let Sheeping Dogs Die (RKO Garbage Review '21)

Welcome to Hell: An Orientation (Spooky Action Theater '21)

Killing Mockingbirds (Honorable Mention--89th Annual Writer’s Digest Writing Competition '20)

Pilate's Wife (Spooky Action Theater '19)

Pilate's Wife (Inkubator New Works '18)

Filmed Before a Live Studio Audience (Playwrights' Round Table '18)

Smarty Pants with Theodore Bartemes (Dowling Catholic High School '18)

Iowa High School Musical Theatre Awards Outstanding Performance, Recognition for Student Ensemble, Orchestra, and Performing a New Musical

And Maybe A River Will Come (Strand '17)**

Pilate's Wife (Scribe Night '17)

An Evening with Julia Maggiano (The Fine Arts Association '17)

Smarty Pants with Theodore Bartemes (Monumental Theatre '17)

The Next Table (Nu Sass Theatre '16)

Exit Interview (Ohlone College Playwrights Festival '16)

The Days of Peanut Butter and Honey Sandwiches (Boulder Arts Week '16)

Art of Preservation (Gallery Players Black Box Festival '15)

Secondary Character (Cape May Stage '14) **

Office Romance  (CUAFringe ’14)

Not Half So Happy  (7-11 Theatre Project ’12)

Understand More that We Might Fear Less with Tori Boutin

                                                           (commissioned by Duilia De Mello '12)

Du Jour (7-11 Theatre Project ’11 Winner for Best Direction)

Dear Keith (CUA Freshman Showcase '10)

Truck Stop: The Musical (7-11 Theatre Project ’10 Winner for Best Ensemble)

Lunch Break (7-11 Theatre Project ’09 Winner for Best Playwrighting)

10 Minutes (7-11 Theatre Project ’08)


Playwrighting at The Shakespeare Theatre with Stephen Spotswood- February 2017



Feels Blind Literary:

  • Cohabitants


  • And Maybe A River Will Come


New Plains Review:

  • And Maybe A River Will Come


The Interp Store:

  • Perfect

  • Forgive and Forget

  • love letter to my home town

  • A Chance of Rain

  • The Days of Peanut Butter and Honey Sandwiches

  • Idle Hands

  • Kissing Lesson

  • It’s Not About the Hair

  • Danny's How-to-Vlog

  • The Art of Preservation

  • decisions

  • The Next Table


CRUX Literary Magazine:

  • At Her Door

  • moving on

  • Perfect

  • The Man Who Tried to Reach Infinity

  • A Complete Stranger’s Car

  • A Chance of Rain

  • Everything Under the Sun

  • Stratovolcano

  • The Days of Peanut Butter and Honey Sandwiches

Qu Literary Magazine:

  • The Next Table

Mushroom Cloud Press:

  • Everything Under The Sun

  • Exit Interview

  • An Evening with Julia Maggiano

  • The Next Table

Theatre Unbound:

  • I Wish I Was Gregor Samsa

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